Yomary Cruz Brunette looking at Camera wearing black scrappy top

Yomary is a Dynamic Bilingual TV Host, Entertainment Reporter, Actress & Voice-Over Artist. Her enthusiasm and diligent work ethic make working with her, a pleasure. With her passion for travel & adventure, Yomary can always be found where the action is! Her work has been seen nationally & internationally. Yomary's versatile talent has been spotted interviewing Hollywood celebrities, spying fashion trends, & showing off her car expertise. Her clients include CBS, ESPN, SPEED-TV, KTLA, NBC, ABC, Edmunds, Blumhouse, Rooster Teeth, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Clinique, Revlon etc.

Did You Know?


Fans around the world know Yomary as the voice of Sheila the Tank & F.I.L.S.S. on the mega-popular, award winning animated comic science fiction series "Red vs. Blue”. "Bringing Sheila Home Safely" is an Achievement in Halo Infinite.  Her acting has put her on day time & primetime shows as well as the big screen & national ad campaigns. She uses her public forum to promote love, happiness & unity throughout the world. She hopes her work inspires a sense of joy, adventure & living life to the fullest!

Yomary's Message

"May you always know that you are more loved than you realize & that this world needs your unique gifts. May  you feel empowered to unlock those gifts, & BE the change you'd like to see in the world!  ​Never give up. There is hope, even when it doesn't look like it."                                       

Yomary loves being a member of The Television Academy. She stands in front of Emmy Background
Yomary Cruz a brunette with long hair surrounded my luggage & flowers