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Yomary is a Dynamic Bilingual TV Host, Entertainment Reporter, Actress & Voice-Over Artist. Her enthusiasm and diligent work ethic make working with her, a pleasure. With her passion for travel & adventure, Yomary can always be found where the action is! Her work has been seen nationally & internationally. Yomary's versatile talent has been spotted interviewing Hollywood celebrities, spying fashion trends, & showing off her car expertise. Her clients include CBS, ESPN, SPEED-TV, KTLA, NBC, ABC, Blumhouse, Rooster Teeth, Netflix, Edmunds, Land Rover, Mercedes Benz, Clinique, Revlon etc.

Did You Know?


Fans around the world know Yomary as the voice of Sheila the Tank & F.I.L.S.S. on the mega-popular, award winning animated comic science fiction series "Red vs. Blue”. "Bring Sheila Home Safely" is an Achievement in Halo Infinite.  Listen for Yomary as the voice of Penelope in High Heat on Netflix. Her acting has put her on day time & primetime shows as well as the big screen & national ad campaigns. She uses her public forum to promote love, happiness & unity throughout the world. She hopes her work inspires a sense of joy, adventure & living life to the fullest!

Yomary's Message

"May you always know that you are more loved than you realize & that this world needs your unique gifts. May  you feel empowered to unlock those gifts, & BE the change you'd like to see in the world!  ​Never give up. There is hope, even when it doesn't look like it."                                       

Yomary loves being a member of The Television Academy. She stands in front of Emmy Background
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